I believe in myself, I am passionate, powerful and purposeful. 

Kristin Miller is amazing, just ask her daughter.   

​​Izzy (daughter), "Yes, I would have to agree with that statement, my mom is amazing.  She makes the best Chicken Soup, egg rolls, and pretty much anything she makes is delicious & creative!"  

Creating a healthier world, one person at a time. ​​

Kristin is an active participant in the community of Napa, California - where she works and plays as a Public Relations Specialist. She has a creative and diverse background that provides her with an eclectic slice from the lens of strategic partnerships with government, education, business, and service organizations.  Kristin is passionate about partnerships that empower people with teachable skills and create healthier communities through collaborative and systematic change. Kristin is also a contributor and writer for Napa Valley Life magazine. In 2014 she participated in the task force that won Napa a top-10 spot on CNN's Healthiest Cities in the World to Live.

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